''Jazzistique, Arabistique, Oudistique...''


''Keen on modern jazz and classical music coming from the Middle-East or North Africa,… Mohamed Masmoudi has an artistic approach simultaneously mastering of his musical heritage and the modern music that he’s passionate about’’.


by Alain Brunet, La presse, Montreal. Nov. 01st 2013

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High Standards ? So What! 

Jazz Trio boasts Varied roots. fresh Approach.


''His peers say 25-year-old Mohamed Masmoudi is a skilled musician, but he's even better at listening. 

Masmoudi, a classically trained lute and bass player, performs with guitarist Paul Dubé and drummer Jean Sébastien in the Moncton jazz ensemble So What. Saturday night at Au Deuxième, the trio zipped through well known standards, often with irreverently short improvisations and almost fusion-like quotes, sometimes injecting the tunes with swing, Latin, and hip-hop grooves...

Tackling classics like Thelonious Monk's In Walked Bud, Charlie Parker's Now Is the Time and Dave Brubeck's Take Five at Breack neck speed would leave some artists grasping for cautious phrasing and pre-rehearsed punches. Not So What.''


by Rhonda Whittaker, Times & Transcript, Moncton. date 2000

CD reviews

World Music



«When we listen for the first time, Zanneh seems fairly classical. But the more we replay it, the more we are sensitive to the subtleties and the strength of this Zanneh inhabited, shimmering, warm, inspired, sometimes meditative, sometimes dancing.

Masmoudi ''revisited'' in a Middle Eastern manner Bach Prelude in C major (Moorish Tango)» 

by Marie-Christine Blais. La Presse, Montréal. January 09th 2010

George's Roadhouse : So What ?


''It was Mohamed Masmoudi on the fretless electric bass, however, who proved to be the most captivating musician to watch... Scatting along with his solos, his world was swinging, and it was all he could express...''


by Matt Brennan. The Argosy. Sackville. March 2002. 
The Oud in all it's states


''It's a celebration of the Oud, the most important instrument in Arab musical traditions. To honor it, Mohamed Masmoudi, of Sokoun trio, gathered Instrumentalists from Montréal.


As an Oud player, Mohamed Masmoudi  approach regarding the instrument became very personal, impregnated with the soul of Keith Jarret and Anouar Brahem. ''


by Yves Bernard. Le Devoir. Montréal, October 2013. 
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