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Mohamed Masmoudi is a musician with a distinct point of view. Mastering many instruments, including the bass, guitar, and oud, as well as mastering many musical genres and international music styles, he creates music that merges his Mediterranean musical heritage with a unique modern sound.


Masmoudi’s versatility is a result of his education: studying for 5 years at the Conservatory in Tunisia, classically trained at Université de Moncton in New Brunswick, taught by renown lute player Michel Cardin and composer Dr. Richard Gibson, and playing bass guitar with his jazz quartet So What, with whom he released his first album.


As a composer, Masmoudi released the critically acclaimed “Zanneh” by Sokoun Trio, winning them the World Music Artist of the Year Award at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. He has penned the score for the documentary, Mes soeurs, les musulmanes and has been involved in various productions across the globe, including Shahrazede the Musical, Cavalia, and Mulsa Dieng Kala.


Based in Montreal, today Masmoudi performs across the world. While continuously exploring new projects, Masmoudi continues to teach, compose, and craft accessible and sophisticated music.

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